Top Snorkeling Destinations Around The World

Snorkeling is a fantastic way to explore the underwater world while swimming with the aid of a breathing tube called a snorkel and a mask for better visibility. It allows you to immerse yourself in the ocean’s beauty without worrying about holding your breath.  Snorkeling is an accessible water activity that is … Read more

Can a Hippo Be Tamed?

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When we were kids, we all had fantasies about riding our own zebra to school or playing with the manatee in our backyard pool. These daydreams, it turns out, were even further from reality than you anticipated. Humans have never been able to domesticate many animals, despite our best efforts. But that … Read more

What a Hippo Sounds Like


Hippos communicate by voice and body language. The majority of their communication takes place underwater, and the noise travels a long way down the river. People are more intrigued to learn what sound a hippo makes because of their ability to communicate across long distances by making raucous noises and other unusual … Read more

How Often Hippos Eat Each Day?

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The elephant is the largest terrestrial mammal, whereas the hippopotamus is the third largest. Hippos, despite their gentle demeanor, may be dangerous and ferocious animals. When tried to compare to its gigantic size, a hippopotamus’ appetite is not as large as one might expect. A hippopotamus, like all other living species on … Read more

How to Avoid Being Run Over by a Hippo


Hippos are beautiful animals. Although they resemble water-born cows, they are more closely linked to pigs. These semi-aquatic creatures can grow up to 5.2 feet in height, 16.5 feet in length, and weigh 9,900 pounds. Hippos were portrayed as gentle giants in early media depictions. They were once thought to be slow, … Read more

How Long Can Hippos Hold Their Breath Underwater?


Hippos are known as “river horses” because they spend up to 16 hours a day submerged in rivers and lakes to keep their gigantic bodies cool in the scorching African heat. However, they are typically large enough to simply stroll or stand on the lake floor, or lie in the shallows. Since … Read more

What Type of Reptiles Can Be Found in North America?


There are plenty of different types of reptiles that can be found in North America. Some of the most common ones include snakes, turtles, and lizards. While there are many different species of each, they all have one thing in common: they’re all cold-blooded animals that rely on the sun’s warmth to … Read more

Best Places to See in Oregon

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When it comes to natural grandeur, few places do it as boldly and enthusiastically as Oregon. This magnificent Pacific Northwest state has it all: ancient forests, glacier-carved mountains, roaring rivers, peaceful lakes, and green plains. And, with nearly 95,000 square miles, you’re never far from a whole different type of landscape or … Read more

How Do Hippos Communicate?

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The hippopotamus, often known as the hippo or water horse, is a hoofed amphibian mammal originating in Africa. The hippopotamus, usually regarded as the second-largest land animal after the elephant, is similar in size and weight to the white Indian rhinoceros. The hippopotamus is a Greek word meaning “river horse,” and it has been … Read more

Where are the best places to see Hippos in Africa?

Where are the best places to see Hippos in Africa?

Hippopotamuses are among Africa’s most fascinating animals. While they are most often seen with only their ears, eyes, and nostrils prodding above the water surface of lakes and rivers, these massive creatures are famed for their aggressive and territorial behavior. Despite their build, hippos are fast runners, hitting speeds of 8 kilometers … Read more