Learn About the Amazing Wildlife of Zimbabwe


Located between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers, the Republic of Zimbabwe is a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise. Not to mention the various seasonal attraction throughout the year, this country is home to exceptionally breathtaking game reserves and national parks including Victoria Falls, which is on the list of the Seven Natural Wonders of … Read more

Learn About the Amazing Wildlife of Mozambique


Mozambique, located in southern Africa, boasts a vast coastline along the Indian Ocean, which features numerous sought-after beaches, mangroves, and reefs, as well as offshore marine parks. The country’s inland areas are home to a diverse range of wildlife species living in their natural habitats and protected wildlife reserves. Sadly, the increasing … Read more

Learn About the Amazing Wild Life of Malawi


Nestled in the southeastern part of Africa lies Malawi, a landlocked country with a stunning array of natural beauty. It is often called the “Warm Heart of Africa” due to the welcoming and friendly nature of its people.  From the vast lakes to the stunning highlands, Malawi has it all! The country … Read more

What are the top 10 places in the world to go on Safari?


Looking for a family holiday that is both thrilling and educational? Look no further than Africa for the ultimate safari adventure!  A holiday is an unforgettable journey that will ignite your children’s sense of wonder and curiosity. They’ll have the chance to learn about animals and their behaviors first-hand, away from the … Read more

Learn the Unique Story of Pablo Escobar’s Hippos

Black Hippopotamus

Colombia is now polarized on the issue of what to do with the “Cocaine Hippos”, now a bloat of over a hundred hippopotamuses occupying the river basin of Magdalena. No, the animals are not on narcotics but were named such because the entire population descended from the few that once belonged to … Read more

Top Snorkeling Destinations Around The World

Snorkeling is a fantastic way to explore the underwater world while swimming with the aid of a breathing tube called a snorkel and a mask for better visibility. It allows you to immerse yourself in the ocean’s beauty without worrying about holding your breath.  Snorkeling is an accessible water activity that is … Read more

Can a Hippo Be Tamed?

hippos amiable

When we were kids, we all had fantasies about riding our own zebra to school or playing with the manatee in our backyard pool. These daydreams, it turns out, were even further from reality than you anticipated. Humans have never been able to domesticate many animals, despite our best efforts. But that … Read more

What a Hippo Sounds Like


Hippos communicate by voice and body language. The majority of their communication takes place underwater, and the noise travels a long way down the river. People are more intrigued to learn what sound a hippo makes because of their ability to communicate across long distances by making raucous noises and other unusual … Read more

How Often Hippos Eat Each Day?

Hippo -

The elephant is the largest terrestrial mammal, whereas the hippopotamus is the third largest. Hippos, despite their gentle demeanor, may be dangerous and ferocious animals. When tried to compare to its gigantic size, a hippopotamus’ appetite is not as large as one might expect. A hippopotamus, like all other living species on … Read more

How to Avoid Being Run Over by a Hippo


Hippos are beautiful animals. Although they resemble water-born cows, they are more closely linked to pigs. These semi-aquatic creatures can grow up to 5.2 feet in height, 16.5 feet in length, and weigh 9,900 pounds. Hippos were portrayed as gentle giants in early media depictions. They were once thought to be slow, … Read more