How Fast Can Hippopotamus Run?

a charging hippopotamus

Round, cuddly, adorable – at first glance, one would say that hippos are harmless and peace-loving creatures who would choose to spend most of their time napping in the water. And they are – until you unmindfully cross their territory. Hippos’ looks are pretty deceiving. What may seem cute and sleepy yawn … Read more

Are Hippos Dangerous?

three brown hippos, one hippo with two large teeth, clear water

Hippopotamuses or Hippopotamus amphibius are large water-loving animals that are commonly found in Africa. They are known to be the third-largest mammal living on land. These animals may the size 10.8 to 16.5 feet in length and until 5.2 feet in height at the shoulder. A female hippopotamus may weigh approximately 1,400 kilograms. … Read more

Best Safari In Africa

a leopard on a tree branch

Almost half of the African continent is wildlife. With that at your disposal, it’s understandable to have no idea where to start. Should you enjoy the hidden waterways of Okavango in Botswana? Or would you rather traverse the endless plains of Serengeti?  Your preference for safari comes down partially to wildlife. For … Read more

Could Hippos Become Carnivores?


When we think about hippos, we think of them as huge mammals with sharp tusks, but little did people know that they mainly eat plants. We mean, they may be massive and they can potentially attack people and other animals, but at least they are not carnivores or predators. Or that is … Read more

Difference Between A Yawning And A Laughing Hippo

A yawning hippo on the water

Hippos are often described as cute and cuddly mammals living in lakes, rivers, and swamps. These semiaquatic creatures may appear calm and submissive, but they are not as gentle as they look. Despite being a herbivore, hippos are known for being aggressive and dangerous; they are extremely territorial and are ready to … Read more