Difference Between A Yawning And A Laughing Hippo

A yawning hippo on the water

Hippos are often described as cute and cuddly mammals living in lakes, rivers, and swamps. These semiaquatic creatures may appear calm and submissive, but they are not as gentle as they look. Despite being a herbivore, hippos are known for being aggressive and dangerous; they are extremely territorial and are ready to … Read more

Can You Keep a Hippopotamus as your Pet?


Keeping a hippopotamus as a pet can sound exciting to some people. But can you actually own it as a pet? The answer is no. It is not a good idea to keep a hippopotamus as your pet simply because they are a double animal and the need to take care of … Read more

All About The Hippo Species

All About The Hippo Species

Hippopotamuses are magnificent creatures. These giants love water and spend up to 16 hours a day submerged in lakes or rivers. No surprise, the Greeks named them the water horses. Despite their enormous bodies, they move swiftly and gracefully both in water and land. While anyone can also think they eat meat … Read more

How the Hippo Raises its Young

How the Hippo Raises its Young

Hippos are known to be one of Africa’s most ferocious animals. They boast gigantic size and massive weight but are incredible runners – they could even beat you in a race! Despite those characteristics, Hippos sure know how to be a parent and are no exception when it comes to showing paramount … Read more

Best Places to Spot Hippos

Hippos are undoubtedly one of the fascinating creatures on the planet. True heavyweights, yet are very capable of speed bursts, equipped with jaws the same power of a sledgehammer but feeds mainly on grass, dubbed as the ‘gentle giants’ though actually not-so as they can be greatly aggressive and territorial. Nevertheless, it … Read more

How Much Does a Hippopotamus Eat?

Hippopotamus Eat

Like all living beings on Earth, the Hippopotamus needs to eat every day and maintain its diet to thrive. Though these prehistoric giants can grow up weigh up to 3 tons and stand up to feet tall, you might be surprised that their appetite is not as huge as their massive size. … Read more

Where Can You See Hippos in the Wild?

See Hippos in the Wild

Hippos are fascinating creatures, with a massive body, huge, dangerous teeth, and powerful jaws with the power of a sledgehammer. They spend 16 hours each day to keep themselves cool in their current habitats. Though most think that these large mammals swim or float, their feet come with hooves that are in … Read more